Solar Control Film

Solar Control UV Window Film

solar film filters out ultraviolet uv rays, visible light and infrared light

Enhanced Energy Efficiency – Upgrade Window with Solar Films in Toronto & GTA

How does solar film work?

Solar window films filter solar radiation passing through glass to effectively reduce heat buildup, so interiors stay cooler and HVAC systems have a lower workload.

Solar Films – The Right Choice for You

  • Energy efficient films to match any project
  • Warranty backed performance for long term value
  • Professional installation and support
  • Suitable for residential and commercial or retail installations

Benefits of Solar Film Across the Spectrum

increased energy efficiency via solar films

Energy Efficiency

  • Cut energy Bills
  • Lower Carbon Emission
  • Prolong HVAC Service Life
achieve increased comfort through solar film


  • Reduce Hot Spots
  • Reduce glare


  • Protect people and furniture from UV
  • Improve privacy
improve the look of windows through solar film


  • Improve the appearance of windows

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