About Decorative Window Film Toronto

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Decorative Glass Window Films in Toronto

Innovative. Ingenious. Ideal.

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Decorative Window Film is a specialized Toronto-based company committed to installing a wide range of innovative, quality  decorative film for glass windows, doors and glass walls. Our film transforms the decor of any office or residential space without replacing the glass.

Enjoy uncomplicated window film installation service in Toronto. Achieve a stylish appeal that completes your decor. Choose from a variety of colours, patterns, styles and finishes. Our high-quality decorative window films are designed to:

Home design and decor trends are shifting towards modern decor with a minimalist appeal.


Decorative window film.Ca is a creative way to add a designer’s touch to offices, homes, storefronts, restaurants, spas, financial institutions and other businesses. Decorative window film is:

Decorative Window and Glass Films Toronto offers a broad range of decorative films Such as, SOLYX® and SimGlas® and Sun-Guard and Keramic and 3M and Hanita Coatings.

We’re friendly, reliable and efficient. Our service is customized to your needs and budget. We have a reputation for excellence in product quality and customer support, combined with a service-oriented spirit

Decorative Window Film.Ca Toronto an innovative leader in today’s competitive marketplace.

We get new styles and designs often and we keep up with design/decor trends and consumer needs.