Can I get some office privacy, please?!

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Can I get some office privacy, please?!

Have you noticed some trends in office designs today? Impressive glass walls are replacing drywall. Windows are getting larger. And open concept layouts are inviting collaborative, communal and cohesive office environments. It’s all in an effort to encourage a progressive and polished appearance which can directly affect business success. After all, an attractive physical appearance of a company interior is appealing to customers and potential clients.

While bringing employees seamlessly together, the use of glass in an open concept office design also means less privacy. There are fewer walls to conduct private meetings. There is less space to hold confidential board meetings. And there is less dry wall space to protect the identity of employees who simply need a focused workspace.

So how can privacy be achieved in a timely, cost-efficient and innovative way? According to design experts, today’s privacy film for glass walls, doors and office dividers is a trendy, modern and viable solution which offers a clever way to hide the view into rooms (ie. executive offices, boardrooms, meetings rooms, etc.). Elegant privacy film is an ideal option for those seeking an enhanced, expensive look at a cost-efficient price. Privacy film is created with varying degrees of light transmission and transparencies. Two options include:

High gradient window film: For office designs that support the open-concept and stylish décor enhanced by glass walls. This window film features a solid state white matte graduating to a clear fine dot formation. It is opaque in the middle, fades out to clear film and provides subtle coverage for offices, board rooms and more.
White Dry Erase Film: Ideal for decorative or architectural applications, this 4.3 mm white opaque film is coated with a premium dry erase surface and a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. It has a clear polyester release liner. Recommended for application to interior glass surfaces, any writing on this film cannot be seen from the other side!

The benefits of privacy window film:

  • prevents the potential for accidental collision with glass
  • can be cut to size to cover the whole glass pane or part of the pane
  • available in various types: frosted; frosted coloured; frosted patterned; light diffusing; opaque; coloured; patterned; or etched
  • can be applied directly to the existing glass panels
  • can be personalized with your company name and/or logo
  • can provide partial privacy (film is made of white patterns on a clear background, allowing a view through the glass)
  • available in a one-way viewing reflective or mirrored window film (daylight is less with this type of privacy film)
  • scratch-resistant, long-lasting & durable

Privacy film subtly obscures the view of others while allowing light to shine into the room. An affordable, modern and trendy alternative to curtains, drywall and blinds, privacy film creates a modern appeal at a minimal price.

For more information on decorative window film or installation for home or office:

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